… forever smitten.

Smitten. Naming, brand strategy and brand development.

Prevar is an international joint venture company established to develop and globally commercialise new apple and pear varieties and products globally. Prevar asked us to develop a name and branding for New Zealand’s latest export apple which would be marketed under license. The new apple is an early maturing red bicolour apple with exceptional texture and flavour; it sets a new eating experience benchmark.

“Credit is due to Everything Designs owner, John Varcoe, for his [team’s] superb brand design. All this preceded what was about to happen in North America, where the apple was about to experience stardom,” said Dr Brett Ennis, CEO of Prevar, the company commercialising the Smitten apple.

Those involved in the commercialisation of New Zealand’s latest premium apple are convinced it will be a hit with consumers. The brand promise and the industry’s confidence in the apple’s positioning are reflected in the strap line, “Once bitten, forever Smitten”.

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