Everything Design is an award-winning team of marketing, brand strategy and design consultants largely based in New Zealand, working internationally.

We’re driven by the desire to position products and brands for best effect, and to create strong and effective communications that help our clients achieve their strategic objectives.

Our people have international experience across a wide range of disciplines, including brand strategy, marketing, social media, product and packaging design, UI/UX design, destination branding, publication design, advertising, exhibition design, environment design, wayfinding systems, multi-channel retail design, signage, furniture… almost everything. And considerable experience in the tech sector, working with ambitious start-ups right through to global exporters.

Selected Awards
Band work for Fisher & Paykel
Norway’s TOMRA Sorting Group
Spectrim, Inspectra and UltraView
Exhibition brand and marketing
Talent Scout
National Libraries of China
Colostrum Powder
BLM tribute
City fringe cafe
UK women’s clothing brand
H+ hemp-based animal feed brand
Auckland Academic Health Alliance.
Social media app